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Kiara, Jasmine and Jordan are three of nearly 2,000 kids we help every year through A Place for Children. Orange County's kids need this program - help us keep the doors open. 



A Place for Children

Protecting kids from harsh realities of court business

How does A Place for Children help kids?

For Kiara, it protected her from reliving the pain of abandonment. Just last year, Kiara's father took her to the store ... and left Finding hopeher there.

In a matter of seconds, Kiara was alone. She was scared. Abandoned.

Kiara knew her dad didn't want her anymore. The abandonment and trauma hurt Kiara to her core. But her mom, a struggling single mom, still needed Kiara's father to pay child support ... and she had to bring Kiara to the courthouse for every hearing.

Thankfully, A Place for Children keeps Kiara - and her four siblings - safe while her mom takes care of court business, protecting Kiara from reliving the trauma of being abandoned. 

But A Place for Children did even more  for Kiara's family. As her mom worked to rebuild their lives, she confided that she couldn't pay her rent. So we connected her with local resources that could help her keep a roof over her children's heads. When Kiara and her siblings began expressing their anger in unhealthy ways, we connected them with our counseling programs.

Because of A Place for Children, Kiara can finally begin to heal.

For Jasmine and Jordan, it opened the door to mend broken bonds with their mom. In the midst of a bitter custody dispute, SistersJasmine and Jordan, and their younger brothers, found safety and solace at A Place for Children while their parents battled in the courtroom.

We got to know the four kids mom pretty well at A Place for Children, and mom began confiding in us her many worries and struggles. When she expressed her fear about continuing to live with her ex-husband, we connected her with a domestic violence shelter and, several months later, we were thrilled to hear she had secured her own apartment.

But, just as she began picking up the pieces to rebuild her family, the unthinkable happened: Jasmine and Jordan were kidnapped by their father ... they were missing for six years. 

When they finally returned, their severe distrust of family - especially their mother - was expressed daily. And, as mom had to return to the courthouse to attend the kidnapping hearings, she again relied on A Place for Children to care for her youngest boys. And she continued to confide in our team at A Place for Children, sharing her concern about her daughters' behaviors.

We saw another opportunity to help, and we connected mom and her daughters with our family counseling program, opening the door for the journey toward healing.

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