A Child's Life

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know where I would be right now."

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Helping more than 1,500 local kids and families

We offer something few have ever before known: Hope.

We offer hope and healing to kids who've suffered abuse or neglect For hundreds of local kids, fear, turmoil and despair are all they know. They've been hurt time and time again. They know how to hide their bruises, how to cover up fresh burns, how to survive when no one else cares.

But we care. Hundreds of families in our community care - they open their homes to kids who don't have any place to go. We know you care, too.

When kids and teens are rescued from their pain and horrors, they find safety and love with Children's Home Society of Florida. Some find acceptance with loving foster families who embrace our children as their own. Others find stability in our group home, Joshua House, where they receive attention, counseling and guidance to work through their past traumas while looking toward brighter tomorrows.

Many kids are able to safely return home to their families, as we work with their parents to overcome the challenges that affected their children's safety and well-being.

And for teens who turn 18 while still in foster care, we provide guidance and encouragement to help them prepare for meaningful, self-sufficient lives.

Every day, we make a difference.

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