A Child's Life

“He’s sweet and kind, very quiet, analytical and artistic. He really is a loving kid. He tells me all the time, ‘Mom, I don’t want to remember what I used to be like.’ Life is good.”

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Changing lives in Northeast Florida

We help more than 9,000 kids and families every day

In 1902, orphans found love with Children's Home Society of Florida in Jacksonville. More than a century later, our Buckner Division still provides love, safety and security to kids ... in the same community that embraced children in 1902, the founding site of Children's Home Society of Florida.

Roshawnda and Rayshan created their family through adoption with Children's Home Society of FloridaTrue to our roots in adoption, we're well-known for the Louise Jackson Adoption Center, where babies and children find families and families find hope. Through our Adoption Center, we counsel women facing unplanned pregnancies, we find loving parents eager to welcome children into their families through infant and foster care adoption, and we provide ongoing support and counseling services to families who've been touched by adoption with Children's Home Society of Florida. We encourage adoptive families to join our support group by calling Sheri at (904) 493-7744.

As the only adoption provider in the state that promises confidential, lifetime maintenance of all private adoption records, we can also help families re-connect through search-and-reunion services.

But we do more

With hearts for all kids in our community, we're dedicated to keeping more children safe. Many times, we're able to work with families before a crisis threatens children's safety, and we can help parents and kids work through their challenges together.

Our voluntary services Healthy Start, Healthy Families, Family Education and S.T.E.P.S., empower families to overcome obstacles and grow stronger together. Sometimes, parents were victims of abuse as children, and they aren't quite sure what it means to be in a nurturing family. Maybe they don't know how to handle the stress and demands of raising kids. So we help them.

We teach appropriate ways to cope with overwhelming stress, how to handle anger and frustration. We coach them through trying times. Together, we help them break generational cycles of abuse that have haunted their families so their kids won't have to suffer.

But sometimes, kids have already suffered. Sometimes, it's not safe for them to live at home anymore ... at least for a little while.

We provide something few have known: Security. Love. Trust.

Some find acceptance in nurturing foster families. Some families also care for children with special medical needs and others care for kids and teens struggling with severe behavior and emotional challenges. For these faKids find hope with Children's Home Society of Floridamilies, it's a calling.

Yet other kids and teens need more care and attention. For these children, we provide a safe home, counseling and caring guidance at one of our group homes, Terry Children's Center, Buckner Place for teen girls, or Chambers for pregnant and parenting teens.

While we protect and nurture these children, we also work with their families to overcome the challenges that affected their kids' well-being. Often times, kids can safely return home and thrive with their parents. Sometimes, though, kids can never return home.

When this happens, our adoption team works hard to find families eager to welcome these children into their hearts and homes forever.

Life after foster care

For girls preparing to turn 18 without a family, we provide guidance and mentoring to help them live independently when they leave foster care. We work with them to develop educational and career goals, and we teach them basic skills such as proper hygienic care, cleaning, budgeting and cooking.

We also provide safe, stable apartment-style homes for pregnant and parenting teens in foster care so they can learn how to break the cycle of abuse and neglect in their families. We teach them how to console their babies, how to properly put them down to sleep and how to appropriately handle the many challenges and emotions that accompany motherhood.

Daily, we change lives in Northeast Florida. We create a better community for kids and families.

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