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“You can’t give up on these kids, even if they give up on themselves.”
     -Randy, foster dad

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Pat and Kevin

Pat and Kevin found hope and healing with Children's Home Society of FloridaPat felt helpless and hopeless as she struggled with her son's increasing behavior challenges. He wasn't himself anymore. She soon learned her 11-year-old son, Kevin, had Attention Deficit Disorder and multiple learning disabilities. He was failing in school.

Pat reached out to us for help with Kevin, and she began attending our Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Parent Support Group. There, she received advice from staff on how to work with children with disabilities, handling the behavioral challenges and juggling school and doctors’ appointments with general life.

While Pat found hope and support through parenting groups, Kevin began to attend therapy regularly. Two years later, Pat says her son's disposition is as different as night and day. Now, instead of failing classes, Kevin is an A/B honor-roll student and is hoping to attend a magnet school for engineering.

“He’s sweet and kind, very quiet, analytical and artistic. He really is a loving kid.” Pat says, “Kevin tells me all the time, ‘Mom, I don’t want to remember what I used to be like.’ Life is good.”

Healing the pain

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