A Child's Life

“He’s sweet and kind, very quiet, analytical and artistic. He really is a loving kid. He tells me all the time, ‘Mom, I don’t want to remember what I used to be like.’ Life is good.”

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Family Life Education

How can Family Life Education help my family?

Pat and Kevin found hope and healing with Children's Home Society of FloridaIf you're struggling and overwhelmed with life and family challenges, we can help. We can help you strengthen your parenting skills and overcome family and personal challenges so you can raise your kids in a safe, stable, nurturing home.

Through community classes, support groups and one-on-one coaching and guidance, we help you build upon your strengths so you can cope with challenges and frustrations.

Is your child struggling with a mental health diagnosis like Attention Deficit Disorder? We can help.

Do you need to talk to someone who understands what you're going through? We can help.

Do you feel like you're at your breaking point? We can help.

Are you caring for a teenager in foster care and need guidance to help her avoid teen pregnancy? We can help.

Help for pregnant teens

If your teenager is already pregnant or parenting, Family Life Education can help. Through our Good Choices. Good Parenting. program, we teach proper prenatal care and appropriate parent-infant care.

I'd like to participate in Family Life Education. What's my next step?

Call us at (904) 493-7744 and ask to speak with someone in the Family Life Education program.

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