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Anita’s short life has been a struggle to say the least. She was born with severe developmental delays and multiple physical challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge facing the newborn was that, after recovering from giving birth, her birthmother fled, abandoning Anita in the hospital.

Even though she's nearly 2 now, Anita can't yet crawl, but she can sit and roll herself over. For now, she can’t speak. But her joy comes through in other ways. 

Despite the challenges she endured as a baby, Anita is a happy, good-natured toddler with a beautiful smile and a great laugh. She likes music, toys that light up, balloons, pull toys and swings. She loves to be cuddled and to study the faces of those who love her ... especially her new mom, Janet.

When Janet welcomed Anita into her home, the connection was instant.

Months later came the day when they were bound forever in the eyes of the court, a day Janet will remember for the rest of her life.  It's the day she adopted Anita and became her forever family. 

Janet shows daily, constant and incredible dedication to Anita. In the short time the two have been together, Anita has experienced the most extraordinary progress, illustrating the power of the special bond she shares with her caring mother in this loving home.

Janet is also adopted. So, when the time is right, she can share her own story with Anita, sharing yet another unique bond as they celebrate the special way they became a family.

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