A Child's Life

“They were never ‘foster kids.' They were ‘our kids’ from day one.”
                                   -Violet, foster and adoptive mom

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If you already know us for Hansen House, you'll be amazed at what else we do ...

It's heartbreaking. Innocent children victimized by people they're supposed to trust. People Children's Home Society of Florida helps kids heal from the pain of abuse and neglectwho are supposed to care for them. 

It happens every day. It happens in our own community.

That's why we're here - to help kids pick up the pieces as they try to heal from their broken hearts, broken bones, broken promises.

The first step

Many kids who've suffered abuse or neglect find their first glimmer of hope at our Child Advocacy Center.

Located in Bartow, our Child Advocacy Center is a warm, friendly center where child victims and their relatives take the first step toward healing. This is a safe place for kids to talk about what happened with compassionate, trained counselors and forensic interviewers. Because our center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, children are spared the trauma of reliving their experiences over and over again; rather than enduring several interviews with law enforcement, medical professionals and the Department of Children and Families, kids share it only once, and appropriate parties observe in remote locations.

We also provide counseling, medical services and crisis intervention for kids and families affected by abuse or neglect.

Our Child Protection Team is sensitive to children's physical and emotional pain and works closely with local officials to ensure children's safety and help them begin healing.

When it's not safe to live at home anymore

Sometimes, kids can't return home ... at least for a little while. While their parents work through the challenges that threatened their children's safety, we provide comfort and stability for kids as they continue their journey of healing. Many times, children and teens find acceptance with local foster families who embrace our kids as their own.

But sometimes teens have suffered such severe trauma that they need more intense care, counseling and guidance. They find it at Hansen House, our group home for girls ages 13 to 17. At Hansen House, girls receive therapy, guidance and love as they prepare for the next stages in their lives.

Bringing families back together

When families have been separated because of abuse or neglect in the home, we remain focused on the best Children's Home Society of Florida brings families back togetherinterests of the kids. Often, it's in the children's best interests to return home to their families - but only when it's safe to do so.

As our team helps parents overcome obstacles and learn how to create healthy, stable, nurturing homes, we encourage families to develop or maintain their bonds and connections in the safe, warm environment of our Family Connections Family Visitation Center.

Here, parents and children rebuild their broken relationships. As trained professionals guide, support and encourage positive parenting during the supervised visits, families learn how to safely and appropriately strengthen their connections.

Forever families

Often, children can eventually return home to their families. But when it's never safe to do so, our dedicated adoption team works hard to find loving "forever families" eager to welcome our kids into their homes and hearts through adoption.

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