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Help for families in crisis

Who can receive help?

Families in Broward County who are struggling to cope with overwhelming life and family stress, pressure, and frustrations.

How do you help?

Families participate in our Family Preservation Intervention Program. Simply put, we help parents learn how to appropriately handle their stress, frustrations and anger.

We visit families in their homes, so everyone is in comfortable, familiar surroundings. We encourage families to work together to overcome challenges.

How will this help my family?

We'll help you learn how to resolve conflicts through communication. We'll teach you healthy ways to relieve your stress. We'll introduce activities that help you grow stronger as a family.

Often, family responsibilities like living within a budget (no matter how big or small) and handling daily chores can cause lots of stress. With counseling and guidance, we'll help you through it.

We can also connect you with other resources, professionals and organizations that can help. Whether you need to find health care for your children, an advocate in the school system or a counselor who understands your family's unique needs, we can help.

But I need help now. My family's in crisis and I don't know what to do.

We want to help you keep your family safe and together. We'll work with you to de-escalate the crisis, to bring some peace and stability into your home.

How can my family participate?

Call us at (954) 453-6475 or complete our referral form

We also accept referrals from the Broward County Sherriff's Office, ChildNet, schools, and other local agencies and community organizations. Families appropriate for referrals are experiencing difficulties parenting children with behavior problems, have been recently reunified and/or have children at risk for abuse or neglect.

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