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Building strong, stable families

Supporting the adoptive family experience

Who can receive these services?

Families that have recently adopted a child from the foster care system, adoptive families that need extra support and families preparing to adopt a child from foster care.

How can you help my family?

If you've already gone through the adoption process and are struggling to cope with your child's challenging behaviors, frustrations or anger, our master's-level therapists can help your family work through obstacles and emotions to help you bring peace and stability back into your home.

If you're preparing to bring a child into your family through adoption, we can work with you to help the transition go smoothly. Our experienced professionals will visit your home regularly from the time a child is placed with you until the adoption is finalized.

How can my family receive these services?

Call us at (954) 453-6476 and ask to speak with someone in the "Supporting the Adoptive Family Experience" program.

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