A Child's Life

"Our kids give us a life beyond ourselves. You gave us the chance to be parents again."

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Changing 4,200 lives every year

Creating hope for kids and families in the Big Bend area

It's heartbreaking. Innocent children victimized by people they're supposed to trust. People who are supposed to care for them. 

Children's Home Society of Florida brings hope and healing to hurting kidsIt happens every day. In our own community.

That's why we're here - to help kids pick up the pieces as they try to heal from their broken hearts, broken bones, broken promises.

The first step

Many kids who've suffered abuse or neglect find their first glimmer of hope at our Child Advocacy Center.

In our warm, friendly center, child victims and their relatives take the first step toward healing. Our center is a safe place for kids to talk about what happened with compassionate, trained counselors and forensic interviewers. We also provide counseling, medical services and crisis intervention for kids and families affected by abuse or neglect.

Our Child Protection Team is sensitive to children's physical and emotional pain and works closely with local officials to ensure children's safety and help them begin healing.

When it's not safe to live at home anymore

When children are in danger, they need a safe place immediately. Day or night, we welcome victimized children into our Tree House emergency shelter, where they find a warm, comfortable bed, nutritious meals, lots of love and security, and a glimmer of hope.

Sometimes, these kids can't return home ... at least for a little while. While their parents work through the challenges that threatened their children's safety, we provide comfort and stability for kids as they continue their journey of healing. And as our kids are away from home, they find acceptance with local foster families who embrace our children and teens as their own.

Forever families

Children's Home Society of Florida creates loving families for kidsOften, children can eventually return home to their families. But, sometimes, their parents can't work through the challenges that threatened their kids' safety. When this happens, our dedicated adoption team works hard to find loving "forever families" eager to welcome our kids into their homes and hearts through adoption.

We also find nurturing families ready for babies when birth mothers make the courageous decision to place their infants for adoption. Working closely with birth families and adoptive parents, we focus on what's in the best interest of each child.

Help for kids with developmental delays

Families wFamilies grow stronger with Early Head Startith children ages 0 to 3 who have developmental delays find hope and necessary services through our Early Steps program. Working with the family, our experienced professionals teach parents how to help their kids reach their fullest potential. We also provide necessary therapies and connections to local resources so kids can overcome obstacles and thrive with their families.

Hope for families in crisis

Crises happen. For some families, they happen a lot. Fortunately, we're here to help. Our experienced counselors understand how to compassionately work with families so they can overcome challenges, improve communication and learn how to appropriately handle stress, anxiety and other strong feelings.

When families need more intense counseling or care, we connect them with other resources and organizations that can best help them through their struggles. We advocate for our kids and families because they need us.

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