Text “SAFE” and your current location(address/city/ state) to 69866 to find a Safe Place now



Safe Harbor

For kids and teens who need a safe place NOW

What is Safe Harbor?

Palm Beach County's only emergency shelter for youth who need a safe place to stay.

Who can go there?

Kids and teens in crisis. We provide a safe place to stay if you're:9.11.14

  • In danger
  • Thinking about running away from home
  • Running away from home
  • In a family crisis threatening your safety

Safe Harbor is also an emergency shelter to kids and teens in foster care while they wait to join a foster family or safely return home to their own families.

Is it more than a shelter?

Yes. We also provide counseling and other services to help kids, teens and families work through challenges and crises.

How do I find Safe Harbor?

Go to a Palm Beach County fire station, library or local business that has the yellow "Safe Place" sign in the window. 130 businesses and public sites in Palm Beach County are "Safe Places." Walk in and tell someone you need a Safe Place now. Someone will pick you up to take you to Safe Harbor.

Text “SAFE” and your current location (address/city/state) to 69866 to find a Safe Place.

How do other kids and teens find out about Safe Harbor?

Through Project Safe Place, we go into schools and the community to educate kids and teens about Safe Harbor and the Safe Place businesses and public sites.

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