"My mentor is fun and creative, and he likes to help me with my homework. We have lots of fun together."



Who can participate?

Kids ages 6-12 in Palm Beach County who live in a single-parent family can participate in MODEL Mentoring.

Kids and teens ages 14-20 who are in foster care in Palm Beach County can participate in Project 18 Mentoring.

How can MODEL Mentoring help my child?

Your child will be matched with a caring, committed adult who is truly interested in helping your son or daughter reach full potential. Your child will have another positive role model to look up to, another support system and opportunities to participate in activities he or she may not have been exposed to before the program.

How can Project 18 Mentoring help a child in my care?

If you're caring for a child in foster care who's between the ages of 14 and 20, Project 18 Mentoring can provide guidance, support and positive connections. We also help teens learn how to live independently once they reach 18, and we provide educational and employment coaching to help them create and achieve personal goals.

How can I enroll my child in one of your mentoring programs?

Call (561) 868-4300 and ask to speak with someone in the mentoring program you're interested in. 

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