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Bond through books

What's READ!?

It's a free reading program for all kids and families we serve.

How does it work?

Children's Home Society of Florida encourages families to grow closer together through readingIt's easy! if you're in one of our programs, let us know you want to be in the READ! program. We'll give you free books you can read together as a family, helping you grow closer together.

If there's a challenge or issue your child or family is working through, let us know - we might have a book that can open the doors for discussion.

But I'm not a very good reader ...

That's OK! We have books for all ages and reading levels. The important thing is that you and your kids are reading and learning together.

How can I participate?

Call (800) 300-9567 or email and ask to join the READ! program.

Do you accept donations of books?

Yes! If you have new or gently used books you'd like to donate, call (800) 300-9567 or email

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