A Child's Life

“I’ve always wanted children. That’s just my heart.”

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Changing lives in Mid-Florida communities

We help more than 8,000 kids and families every year

We offer something few of our kids and families have known: hope.

Children's Home Society of Florida gives hope to kids in need
Too many children in our community understand just one thing: fear. They've suffered the brutalities of abuse, the pain of neglect. They've been let down time and time again. They've lost any sense of belonging. They don't know how to trust.

And then they're rescued from their living nightmares. Finally, there's a glimmer of light. There's Children's Home Society of Florida.

Hundreds of kids and teens come to us every year, hurt and confused by their past yet fearful and uncertain about the future. They rely on us for safety, healing, comfort and guidance. Thanks to local foster families that open their homes and hearts, our kids find acceptance and love as they begin to work through their pain.

What happens next?

While we care for kids, we also work with their parents to overcome challenges that once threatened the children's safety. During this time, families learn to rebuild broken trust and bonds at our supervised visitation center. In a warm environment, moms and dads learn how to practice positive parenting, and family connections begin to strengthen. 

Through counseling, parenting groups and services in the home, families become strong and stable. And, often, kids can safely return home. 

Forever families

Sometimes, though, kids can never return home. When this happens, our adoption team works hard to find families eager to welcome these children into their hearts and homes forever. 

Help for families in crisis

Children's Home Society of Florida keeps families safely togetherCrises happen. For some families, they happen a lot. Fortunately, we're here to help. Our experienced counselors understand how to compassionately work with families so they can overcome challenges, improve communication and learn how to appropriately handle stress, anxiety and other strong feelings.

When families need more intense counseling or care, we connect them with other resources and organizations that can best help them through their struggles. We advocate for our kids and families because they need us.

Starting fresh: Helping families raise safe, healthy kids

For families struggling with the stress and responsibilities of raising babies and toddlers, we offer our Healthy Families program. Dedicated professionals coach moms and dads through trying times and teach positive parenting, healthy ways to handle stress and more.

Our goal: to prevent abuse and neglect for more innocent kids, to break the vicious cycle in more Mid-Florida families.


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