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"I’m very proud that I’ve changed my life and my daughters’ lives. I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for my family."

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Laura and Kaitlyn

Laura and KaitlynAfter enduring the emotional agony of two miscarriages, Laura cried tears of sorrow when she became pregnant again. She was terrified – terrified she’d miscarry, terrified she’d somehow hurt her unborn baby. And as a recovering drug addict, she was terrified the stress of her pregnancy would tempt her to use again.

But then she learned about Children’s Home Society of Florida. She learned how to manage her stress, focus on her health and discover new outlets for releasing anxiety.

“If I didn’t have Children’s Home Society of Florida, I don’t know what my stress could’ve caused,” Laura admits. “You taught me it’s not about me anymore; it’s about the baby. She’s the number one in my life and always will be.”

With baby Kaitlyn now the center of her world, Laura’s determined to give her the best life possible. Through Children’s Home Society of Florida, Laura found a myriad of resources including special programs, books and DVDs to prepare her for bringing her baby home. She even found an online support group for pregnant women recovering from drug addictions.

 But perhaps most important to Laura is how much we care; vivid recollections of past conversations with her counselor and her sincere concern for Laura and Kaitlyn remain immeasurable.

 “You’ve been such a big help to me … and you’re a big help to the community,” Laura says. “You really changed my life.  I’m happy. I have my child, she’s beautiful and she loves me. Everything is about her.”

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