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Foster parents provide hope for bright futures

May is National Foster Care Appreciation Month

ORLANDO, Fla. (May 1, 2012) - Mother’s Day will be bittersweet to the 30,000 Florida kids who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. As they work through the healing process with the help of relatives, foster families and professionals, these kids will be “celebrating” Mother’s Day this year without their mothers. Moreover, the uncertainty of not knowing when – or if – they will be reunited with their parents weighs heavily on their shoulders.

Thankfully, these children aren’t alone, as Florida’s foster families meet their immediate needs for safety and stability while providing love, encouragement and support. Throughout May – Foster Parent Appreciation Month –Children’s Home Society of Florida is honoring the families that bring much-needed strength and healing to children dealing with difficult situations. 

“Foster parents are a crucial support system for children who have endured the trauma of abuse or neglect as well as the painful experience of being removed from their homes,” says David A. Bundy, President and CEO of Children’s Home Society of Florida. “It takes incredible strength to welcome a new child into your family and provide unconditional love until the day you say goodbye. I can’t thank our foster parents enough for the profound impact they have on the children in our foster care system.”

While some foster children find stability and love with foster families until their own parents appropriately resolve issues that threatened the child(ren)’s safety, others may spend significantly more time in foster care, hoping to eventually reunite with their families or join a “forever family” through adoption.

Until then, caring foster families accept these babies, children and teens as their own, welcoming them into their homes and guiding them on their journeys toward healing.

While the nation celebrates Foster Parent Appreciation Month throughout May, Children’s Home Society of Florida honors foster families and celebrates the opportunities they provide for local children.

Children’s Home Society of Florida offers foster families training, access to a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, support of a case manager, assistance with paperwork and access to peer support.

Children’s Home Society of Florida also seeks support for local foster families and children through donations of items such as theme park tickets, new clothing and shoes, new baby items, and services such as haircuts and tutoring.



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