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April: Child Abuse Prevention Month

See staggering statistics

Prevention is key 

We create brighter futures for kids – and our proven results back it up. To keep more kids safe, Children’s Home Society of Florida works with vulnerable families who want to provide safe homes for their kids … they just aren’t sure how.  Some families don’t know how to handle stress and frustrations. Others have lengthy histories of abuse in their families and want to break the cycle with their children. Some are simply young parents without strong role models or support systems. 

One child suffering from abuse or neglect is one too many.

Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Healthy Families program has a 98% success rate – keeping thousands of kids safe at home with their loved ones. Through this program, it costs less than $2,500 per year to help an entire family learn to keep their kids safe – that’s just $7 a day.

To help heal the pain for one child victim of abuse or neglect, however, can cost $64,000 per year.

Too many U.S. children are hurting2

  • A child suffers abuse or neglect every 42 seconds.
  • A child is killed by abuse or neglect every five hours.
  • 750,000 children are abused or neglected every year.

 Victims of child abuse in Florida

  •  A child suffers abuse or neglect every 10 minutes. 2
  • 155 children died from abuse or neglect in 2010. Children younger than 5 experienced the highest rate of fatalities.1
    • Of the perpetrators, 78 percent were parents or stepparents. 1
    • Physical abuse killed 51 (37.5 percent) children. 1

 Child abuse impact

  • Child abuse and neglect costs the nation $124 billion annually. 3
  • Children who have suffered abuse or neglect are at least 25 percent more likely to experience problems such as delinquency, teen pregnancy, low academic achievement, drug use and mental health problems.4
  • The lifetime cost for each non-fatal victim of child maltreatment is $210,012.5
  • Approximately one-third of children who suffer abuse or neglect children will eventually victimize their own children, contributing to the generational cycle of abuse.2 



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