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Healthy Start

Who can receive Healthy Start services?

Pregnant women and families with infants

If I participate, what can I expect?

We Kaitlyn and her mom received great help and support with Healthy Startencourage you to begin services while you're pregnant so we can help you prepare for your new baby. We'll visit you in your home and help you create a safe, nurturing environment. We also help you understand how to take care of yourself (and your developing baby!) during your pregnancy, and we can refer you to free childbirth classes. 

If there's a challenge you're facing, such as tobacco use, substance abuse or domestic violence, we can refer you to local resources for more help and support.

When your baby's born, we'll provide developmental screenings, and our help continues after the birth, as we know how overwhelming it can be!

Is it free?


How do I begin?

Call us (find your local number below) or complete a Healthy Start questionnaire at your doctor’s office. Many times, women in the program suffered abuse or neglect as children, have a limited support system, and/or struggle financially, though the program is open to any pregnant woman who needs extra support.

Even if you didn't participate in the program during your pregnancy, your baby may qualify, as babies are screened for the need for Healthy Start services at birth.

Contact us - just ask for the Healthy Start program!

Brevard County (Brevard): (321) 752-3170

Northeast Florida (Buckner): (904) 493-7744

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