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“We have such great kids. For what they’ve been through and where they’ve come from, they have the biggest hearts of anyone I know."

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Finding a family

Lisa and Todd ... plus seven 

A house full of seven children might seem like a lot to handle, but for Lisa and Todd, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Along with their biological children, Jacob and Noah, Lisa and Todd have adoptive children Alisa, Brooke, Kayla, Matthew and Tanner.

“The kids feed off and love off each other,” Lisa says. “Everyone thinks with seven kids in the house, it’s a lot of work. There’s also a lot of fun that comes from it. If you have the love, space and time, why not do it?”

Lisa and Todd became involved with Children’s Home Society of Florida as foster parents in 2006. When their first set of foster children left, they knew they wanted to adopt. In April 2010, Lisa and Todd welcomed a sibling group of three – Brooke, Kayla and Tanner.

But their desire to care for children who needed a good home didn’t stop there. In May 2011, Matthew joined the family. Their most recent addition, Alisa, came in December 2011. 

Lisa said the support from Children’s Home Society of Florida “has been a Godsend.” She says Children’s Home Society of Florida staff makes her feel like she is never alone.

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