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"Books don’t even skim the surface – you never know what to expect. I’ve learned everything from Children’s Home Society of Florida.”


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Breaking the cycle




“Children’s Home Society of Florida is like a second family to me. They helped me become a better mom than I ever would have been.”- Tiffany

Hurt, scared and alone … Tiffany didn’t know how to feel anything else. After suffering decades of abuse, pain was all she knew.

Christina, Mike and their beautiful family

But she refuses to be a victim. Instead, she’s a survivor.  She’s a survivor because she found strength and courage through Children’s Home Society of Florida.

Throughout Tiffany’s childhood, her mother’s verbal abuse drained nearly every ounce of her self-worth.  As she struggled to cope with the emotional agony, her childhood became even more turbulent … and her innocence was stolen the first time she was violated behind closed doors. She was so young when it began that she didn’t realize such abuse was wrong; she just knew it was a secret.

Years later, when Tiffany had her first child, she promised to give her daughter something she never had: a nurturing, stable home. Safety. More than anything, she was determined to break the cycle of abuse that dominated her own childhood. But she was a scared, single mom and wasn’t sure where to begin … until a friend introduced her to Children’s Home Society of Florida.

Finally, she found guidance. Encouragement. Hope.

She learned how to handle her stress, how to cope with overwhelming emotions. She learned patience. She found confidence.

Then, she fell in love … after tying the knot and giving birth to another healthy child – a son – Tiffany thought she’d found her fairytale ending. Instead, she entered a world of darkness. Her husband became violent. Menacing.  Frightening. 

But Tiffany held onto the strength Children's Home Society of Florida helped her find years before. She had self-worth. Determination. She would not be a victim – and neither would her children.

Again, Tiffany sought help from Children's Home Society of Florida. Again, we were there for her.

She credits Children’s Home Society of Florida with teaching her to cherish every moment, to live each day to the fullest and to be the absolute best she can be … because that’s what her children deserve.  With our help, she’s realized she can do more than she ever thought possible … like earning her college degree and giving her kids something she never had growing up: a childhood filled with love, laughter and joy.

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