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Finding a family

Greg and Caroline ... plus two

“Adoption means knowing that no matter what happens, we will always here for each other – through good times, bad times and sad times, we’ll always be here for these boys.” - Caroline

Greg and Caroline had so much love to give … they yearned to share that love with a child. They had hearts to help kids, and their journey began when they worked with vulnerable teenagers in a youth group outreach setting.

“We always had kids staying at our house,” Caroline says. “It was almost like we were foster parents before we knew that’s what we were called to do.”

It was when Caroline was on a mission trip in Honduras that she fell in love with a little boy in an orphanage. The couple pursued adoption, but this match wasn’t meant to be. Still, that little boy strengthened their desire to provide children with a loving, nurturing and stable home – forever. Though they saw adoption in their future, they began their journey as foster parents with Children’s Home Society of Florida.

When Greg and Caroline received the call that would change their lives forever, it was Children’s Home Society of Florida on the other line, asking if the couple was interested in fostering 6-week-old twin boys.

The couple’s purpose in life changed the moment they saw the boys – their boys. Through the overwhelming joy, shock and realization they were welcoming not only one - but two - boys into their family, they knew instantly they would love Eli and Derrick unconditionally.

Greg and Caroline knew their role as foster parents was temporary. Yet they were committed to providing their boys with love and stability for as long as they were in their home. And after nearly two years of bonding with the boys, Greg and Caroline received another call from Children's Home Society of Florida … this time, asking if the couple was interested in adopting Eli and Derrick. They were overjoyed.

 “Adoption not only changed the lives of our boys, it changed our lives, too,” says Caroline. “Children’s Home Society of Florida is full of compassionate people who will walk alongside you for comfort in the times of sadness and frustration and celebrate with you in the joys and victories.”

Greg and Caroline’s journey with Children’s Home Society of Florida is far from over. Looking toward the future, their hearts are open to fostering or adopting more children, whether it’s for two months, two years or forever.

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