A Child's Life
Realities for former foster youth:

33% will be on the streets within three years
66% are high school dropouts
50% are unemployed
60% will have babies within four years

We offer something else: HOPE


Healing the pain


Miss Teddy and Alex“Children’s Home Society of Florida keeps me strong and helps me talk through the things I had to deal with as a child. It’s provided me with a support system I never had.” - Tierra

Tierra harbored a dark secret from her childhood.

Victims of her mother’s drug addictions, Tierra and her siblings weren’t safe at home … Tierra was still a baby when she entered foster care. It was only the beginning of her instability and uncertainty.

Over the next several years, her mother would work toward sobriety so her kids could move back home. Then drugs would re-enter her life, putting her children in danger … so, again, they shuffled back into foster care. It was a turbulent, heartbreaking cycle that continued for more than a decade. Just prior to becoming a teenager, Tierra was removed from her mother’s care for the final time. Tierra desperately craved stability … she found it when Children's Home Society of Florida brought her together with her loving foster mom, Anita.

“I’ve been with Anita for three years and it’s like a mother-daughter relationship. She comes to all my sporting events – anything I’m involved in,” Tierra says. “She’s taught me real love takes support, care and affection.”

While soaking in the safety, hope and security she yearned for, Tierra also leaned on Children's Home Society of Florida as she healed from the emotional wounds that lingered from her childhood.

“Children’s Home Society of Florida keeps me strong and helps me talk through the things I had to deal with as a child. I found a support system I never had,” Tierra explains. “I’ve learned to never give up on what I want or the goals I have.”

Tierra has words of encouragement for other kids in foster care, too:

“Don’t give up. Even though it seems like you’re all alone and you’re lost, there are so many people who care about you.”

Tierra follows her own advice and focuses on the future, embracing all the love around her. Despite challenges she’s faced, she’s worked hard to succeed. She’s captain of the swim team, involved in track and National Honor Society, and she’s a member of Spanish club.

Moreover, Tierra’s heart is full of compassion. Grateful for the love and guidance that helped her heal from past pain, she regularly volunteers to help others and dreams of a dedicating her career to serving others as a doctor of internal medicine. 

When Tierra found Children’s Home Society of Florida, she found the bright light at the end of her dark tunnel. This homecoming queen – also voted “Miss Congeniality” by her classmates – is looking toward a future full of endless possibilities.

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