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Finding a family

Michael and Kelli ... plus four

Kelli and Michael wanted to create a warm, loving family and bless their children with lifetimes of joyous memories. But their path to parenthood wasn’t as they planned.

They first opened their hearts and home to children in foster care with the hope that, ultimately, there would be opportunities to grow their family … and there were. Ten years after welcoming the first child through their door, they’ve provided love and stability to more than 20 kids.

“Our patience, faith and trust opened our hearts and our minds,” Michael says. “Our prayers were not only answered, but we’ve filled our lives with all these children we’ve had in and out of our doors all these years, including four beautiful kids who have stayed.”

The couple was amazed at how quickly the first phone call came – just one day after they received their license to foster. It was April 1, but this was no April Fool’s joke. Instead, 20-month-old Jordan would forever change their lives.

Jordan’s adoption was finalized a few days before Christmas, giving the couple their holiday miracle.

Six months later, Kelli and Michael received another phone call from Children’s Home Society of Florida. This time, it was for little Lorenzo.

“I tell Lorenzo that an angel brought him to us … because the man’s name who brought him was Angel,” Kelli says.

Lorenzo’s adoption was finalized a year after Jordan’s, making him another precious holiday bundle of joy.

The couple wasn’t finished spreading love and fostered another child until he could safely live with his family. As fate would have it, this child went to live with his family the very day … the very minute … baby Harley was born.

Ten weeks premature, Harley weighed only 2 pounds. Harley suffered from severe medical complications, and doctors weren’t sure if she would even survive – but this miracle baby beat the odds. Michael and Kelli instantly fell in love and knew Harley was destined to be part of their family. Today, she is an energetic and lively 8-year-old whose smile will melt your heart.

After Harley’s adoption, the family continued to foster … and a few years later, they received the call for baby Leah, who was born addicted to drugs and needed a safe place to call home. Now 3, Leah is the newest “official” member of their family.

Every day, Kelli and Michael are thankful for the family they’ve grown with the help of Children’s Home Society of Florida.

“We just know this is what we are meant to do,” Kelli says. “The important thing is for every one of these kids to feel loved.”

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